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Personality: A firm believer in the philosophy that, tomorrow is what you make of your today. A self-proclaimed cricket-addict, and literally dream, walk, eat and sleep the majestic game.

Words that describe me: Energetic, enthusiastic, easy-going, friendly, approachable, rational, lazy (like Hitman Sharma), and tactical

SBK Strategy: To trust the normals, and not wait for outliers. Its better to get 80% of the usuals right, than hope to get the 20% miracles :D

Team Name: Ninja Phantoms

Personality: I feel like I'm an easy going person, but lost between two worlds. I am often moody...mainly depending on how my team performs xD!!

Words that describe me: Funny, open, strategic, loyal, great hair, dedicated, fight to the end

SBK Strategy: My strategy is to win Sabse Bada Khilad by being the smartest khiladi. I will analytically approach games and choose the right players to field the best possible 11. I am always looking for that player that everyone has overlooked that can give me the points to be the SBK Champion!

Team Name: Blazing Vulcans

Personality: I try to talk less & talk sensibly.most of the time. I believe in logic over emotions. I always push to work to smarter, not harder, but I'm not afraid to roll up my sleeves & do the work.

Words that describe me: Inquisitive, Rational, Intuitive, High cricket IQ, Excellent timing, Tough.

SBK Strategy: I will never underestimate any opponent. I commit to selecting my team logically instead of using only statistics & emotions. My cricket experience gives me a distinct advantage in understanding the game on another level & I plan to leverage it. I will also be keeping a sharp eye on the other players, watching for their weaknesses, tendencies, & mistakes.


Personality: I'm a friendly, funny and typical piscean. Although I'm extremely competitive and rational as a person. I don't overthink too much, except when it comes to fantasy!

Words that describe me: Outgoing, humorous, passionate, a dreamer, super friendly, warm, confident and opinionated

SBK Strategy: My cricketing brain, ability to strategize and overall fantasy experience and skillset will ensure I win!

Team Name: D Company

Personality: I'm easily approachable by anyone, but I also stand my ground. I believe in hard work and listening to other people & points of view..but in the end I play to win.

Words that describe me: Outgoing, Introvert, Brave, Easy Going, Friendly, Hardworking, Moody, Very Smart.

SBK Strategy: Like my favorite team, the Royals, I'll be the underdog. Making my moves slowly and smartly, pouncing at the right moment. I will surprise everyone with a come from behind victory. You can't count me out because I am always doing my homework to find the hidden players that will make my team the winner.

Team Name: UBS Royal Squad

Personality: Aggressive, analytical, risk taker with a keen eye for hidden gems.

Words that describe me: Data-oriented, witty, giant killer

SBK Strategy: Identify trends and patterns across IPLs, data on current form and 1v1 match-ups in key encounters. But most importantly, I’ll need to understand and weigh my competition ;)

Team Name: Daredevils 2.0

Personality: Calm Storm

Words that describe me: Fun Loving, competitive , emotionally charged up always !!

SBK Strategy: play safe boldly !!

Team Name: The bowljob

Personality: True I am young, but I will out work everyone with my research. I believe in statistics, but I also trust my heart to make the right calls.

Words that describe me: Enthusiastic, Quick temper, Persistent, Fanatic, Easy going, Friendly.

Team Name: Dominators