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Personality: I'm very easy going, and one of the chillest people you would ever meet. I am also very analytical and think of most situations logically, to find the best possible outcome.

Words that describe me: introvert, easy going, love the outdoors, foodie, healthy living

SBK Strategy: The #1 rule in fantasy is to not get attached to players or teams. I do have a little bit of experience so hopefully I can make that count and choose teams accordingly. At the end of the day I want to make the most points in fantasy on a daily basis, and it doesn't have to be the biggest player who earns me the points :)

Team Name: Fafda Jalebi

Supporting Team: Kolkata

Personality: I feel like I'm an easy going person, but lost between two worlds. I am often moody...mainly depending on how my team performs xD!!

Words that describe me: Funny, open, strategic, loyal, great hair, dedicated, fight to the end

SBK Strategy: My strategy is to win Sabse Bada Khilad by being the smartest khiladi. I will analytically approach games and choose the right players to field the best possible 11. I am always looking for that player that everyone has overlooked that can give me the points to be the SBK Champion!

Team Name: Blazing Vulcans

Supporting Team: Hyderabad

Personality: True I am young, but I will out work everyone with my research. I believe in statistics, but I also trust my heart to make the right calls.

Words that describe me: Enthusiastic, Quick temper, Persistent, Fanatic, Easy going, Friendly.

SBK Strategy: Manage emotions and not opting for your favorite players always. Select according to the pitch condition and weaknesses of the opposite team. Sometime even trust your instinct, like if you have not seen a player play before but he is making his debut and you go after him because he has a great name.

Team Name: Dominators

Supporting Team: Bangalore

Personality: A vivacious dreamer who believes in living life on my own terms. I also believe the dreams only come true with diligence & tenacity. I am a force of nature that cannot be stopped.

Words that describe me: Brainy, Agile, Shrewd, Techy, Sensitive, Tough, Moody, Resilient

SBK Strategy: Cricket is an unexpected life, so keeping my MIND and HEART at the right place is what will take through and will give me the crown. I will be sly & maybe a little devious when I'm building my team, but I will create a winner. I know all of the other players will make the standard choices. I plan to surprise them to be the best.

Team Name: Ninja's Knights

Supporting Team: Delhi

Personality: I try to talk less & talk sensibly.most of the time. I believe in logic over emotions. I always push to work to smarter, not harder, but I'm not afraid to roll up my sleeves & do the work.

Words that describe me: Inquisitive, Rational, Intuitive, High cricket IQ, Excellent timing, Tough.

SBK Strategy: I will never underestimate any opponent. I commit to selecting my team logically instead of using only statistics & emotions. My cricket experience gives me a distinct advantage in understanding the game on another level & I plan to leverage it. I will also be keeping a sharp eye on the other players, watching for their weaknesses, tendencies, & mistakes.


Supporting Team: Mumbai

Personality: I'm easily approachable by anyone, but I also stand my ground. I believe in hard work and listening to other people & points of view..but in the end I play to win.

Words that describe me: Outgoing, Introvert, Brave, Easy Going, Friendly, Hardworking, Moody, Very Smart.

SBK Strategy: Like my favorite team, the Royals, I'll be the underdog. Making my moves slowly and smartly, pouncing at the right moment. I will surprise everyone with a come from behind victory. You can't count me out because I am always doing my homework to find the hidden players that will make my team the winner.

Team Name: UBS Royal Squad

Supporting Team: Rajasthan

Personality: I am a very friendly person. I like the company of all kinds of people & keep an open mind when I am listening. I learn a lot this way. I consider myself a hardworking person. No one will push harder.

Words that describe me: Extravert, Introvert, Intuitive, Dedicated, Bold, Crafty, Resourceful.

SBK Strategy: Play wisely and outplay the other contestants by sticking to a strong, carefully thought out game plan. I'll re-evaluate my players & scheme after each match to be unpredictable & most effective. As you know cricket is such a funny game anything can happen any time. I may not be ahead after the first few matches, but I'll be on top at the end!

Team Name: Winners XI

Supporting Team: Chennai

Personality: I am easy go lucky, extrovert-introvert kind off person with a life theory of I will cross the bridge when it comes. I know I can overcome any adversity because I always give 100%.

Words that describe me: Relentless, Strong, Fair, Family, Emotion, Tough when I have to be

SBK Strategy: I believe in keeping my plans for SBK domination a secret. My strategy in general is to keep the other players guessing as to what I'll do next. I'm a careful planner, but when I see my move, I take it all the way to win. So sorry guys, you're not going to get any tips about me here. May the best man win, but all I need is a break or two & the crown is mine!!

Team Name: Punjab Warriors

Supporting Team: Punjab